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“First time speaking with a nutritionist and it was a great experience! Rochelle was super insightful! I learned so much in our first consultation. She made me feel at ease, discussed things that needed to improve and gave me tangible tips then and there that I could start doing.

After meeting with Rochelle, a lot has changed I am more aware of what I eat, when I sleep, and how much exercise I do. Overall great consultation definitely recommend!

Isabel A, 2023

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“Rochelle has been an absolute pleasure to be attended by. There is nothing but praise for her excellent service, enthusiasm, and approach towards her clients. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to reach their ideal eating habits and diet to work with Rochelle, because with her you are in very safe and trusted hands!”

Marcus, London – 2021

Testimonial to One Harmony Radio radio presenter re Rochelle, Elle Rock Nutrition:
“Thank you for a wonderful and informative programme. Love the laidback relaxed presenting style – like relating to familiar friends. Your guest did very well. She came across as very warm, informative, relatable and most importantly, approachable.

This is a good first impression for those of us who may/will consider her one to one services in the future. The mutual respect was a pleasure to hear also, this is sometimes lacking in our community and that doesn’t make for good listening. Thank you again and well done!”

Sipho, 2020

newham diabetes nutrition reviews

“I tuned in to Listen to Rochelle’s ”5 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System” on ”One Harmony Radio” to further educate myself on healthy practices. Her communication, professionalism and good quality advice were of sound edification. She has raised my awareness on Nutrition tremendously. Thank you for your time and dedication, your efforts have been of great help to me and my family; I very much appreciate and recommend your service”


Herve A, 2020

“Rochelle’s advice and support is amazing! I’m having consultations with her for weight loss but also to support my lower thyroid issue. She has given me excellent advice on hormonal conditions and helped me figure out the cause that made it get worse. She really listens to you and asks questions to not only understand the condition but also to understand how you feel as this is important to health-related issues as well. I have learnt so much from my appointment, Rochelle explained everything very clear and sent me a report that summaries what we’ve discussed, an action plan and recommended supplements.

What I especially liked is that she was prepared when the session started and already knew my overall condition. I can highly recommend Rochelle to anyone looking for a nutritionist or wants to support hormonal issues.

Deborah H, 2019

newham diabetes nutrition reviews

“Rochelle is super knowledgeable, kind and non-judgemental! She is caring and realistic about health goals and lifestyle, recommending easy changes in food, fitness, sleep and work patterns that are individually tailored.” 


Louise H, 2018

“My mum is still going strong, she had a lovely birthday even dancing to some music. She is eating quite well and following a lot of the suggestions you made in respect of her diet. She loves her veg, ryvita, has stopped the juice and enjoys water regularly.

You have made a big difference to her health which has contributed to her still being here at her age, thank you so much.”

Marilyn G, 2020

newham diabetes nutrition reviews

“I found Elle Rock Nutrition online. It was easy to set up an appointment and find where to go.
Rochelle was really friendly and easy to get on with.
She has a great personality, is energetic, informative, attentive, passionate, has lots of information, put me at ease and explained everything really well. I would definitely recommend her to friends.
Following the initial appointment, she has sent through extensive notes and recipes for me to follow for my specific issues.
I am looking forward to organising a follow up appointment in the coming weeks, to see how I’m getting on.”


Katie, London – 2019

“Rochelle delivers her presentations and workshops in a clear, confident and easy to understand manner. She breaks down the complex biochemistry into simplistic terms and has been a pleasure to work with.”


Vivien Allred

Volunteer for Association of Naturopathic Practitioners & Owner of Viva Natural Health

“We are indebted to Rochelle who offered the Newham Diabetes Support Club an informative and much appreciated talk, on how to make simple adjustments for a healthier way of life. Her inspiring talk provided knowledge of how to make informed choices. Considering food as medicine, and as an instrument for reducing the risk of developing ill health and disease, was one of the take away messages. This was such an interesting event, inspired by Rochelle who is an expert in this area. We would love to have her back again!”

Saundra Daniel – Newham Diabetes Support Club

newham diabetes nutrition reviews
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“We invited Rochelle to participate in our Health Awareness Day event in September 2017. Rochelle was one of about a dozen stalls there that day, all offering health and wellness advice, but it was clear her’s was one of the most popular. Offering advice on healthy eating, giving blood pressure checks is the sort of help we can get anywhere (if we can be bothered!). However, Rochelle went that ‘extra mile’ by spending time with individuals talking with them, encouraging them and finding out how they can individually make those changes necessary to improve their health. Quite often health advice is a ‘one size fits all’ which can be discouraging to us all (perhaps we don’t have the budget to pay for things or the time or, indeed, the inclination). By taking that extra time to find out more about the person’s lifestyle, etc., Rochelle has almost certainly contributed to improving people’s health and wellbeing.

This event was held in a GP surgery; we all know the GP’s have limited time to speak with patients so Rochelle has probably helped both the surgery and the patients with her support. The stall was well laid out with interesting and attractive and inviting information (health advice can so often be boring and easy to ignore!) and for us, was a very welcoming addition to the event. We would have no hesitation in inviting Rochelle back again to any future event we may put on. “

Sue Kofi – Secretary, Lime Tree Surgery Patient Participation Group

“This process is so insightful. There were some things about my eating that was reaffirmed but I have gained a great deal in the alternatives to eat and the effect they have on my health. There’s no going back this is my journey to an improved health and better knowledge of how my body works and its needs, not wants…brilliant!”

Anon – Client

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nutritionist in london reviews
“Very effective, all information provided was understood”

A.Clarke – Essex

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