My 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System Article

Do you want a strong and healthy immune system? Of course you do, read on…

As Boris Johnson continues to give us clear direction regarding the ease of the current lockdown (!), I want to share with 5 achievable ways for you to strengthen your immune system. My 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System article has been recently published on Nutritionist Resource, which is a comprehensive database of UK nutritionists that I am on.  Press the button below to read the article on their website.

Here’s an excerpt of my article: “Vitamin D does more than just build strong bones and teeth, it also has a controlling influence over our immune responses. Vitamin D has been shown to activate T cells, which are a type of WBC…

Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with SIBO, obesity, increased vulnerability to infections and increased risk of autoimmunity…

A lot of people tell me they try not to have supplements as they want to obtain their nutrients directly from food. This is admirable but may need to be reconsidered in cases like the following…

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Happy reading to you! Wishing you health and wellness.  

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