My Banana & Avocado Smoothie Recipe

My Banana & Avocado Smoothie Recipe in memory of the gorgeous 31C British weather!


  • 1/4 AVOCADO ? (high in omega-9 oleic acid which helps reduce inflammation),
  • 1 BANANA ? (rich in Vit B6, good for energy),
  • 1 heaped tbsp GROUNDED FLAXSEED (good source of magnesium which promotes digestive health),
  • 1 tbsp NUTMEG (contains myristic acid which has antibacterial properties),
  • 1 tsp CACAO (iron-rich helps energy production),
  • 1 tbsp MACA POWDER (high in zinc, needed for healthy immune system)
  • 250ml ? (helps relief constipation caused by low consumption)

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Rochelle Logan-Rodgers BSc(Hons), PgDip – BANT & CNHC Registered Nutritionist

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