Can vitamin C help with cancer and common colds?


I am pleased to say that my recent article regarding how vitamin C may be able to support people who have cancer and/or colds has recently been accepted and published on Nutritionist Resource.

Nutritionist Resource is a comprehensive database (that I am on) of UK nutritionists with information on their training and experience, fees and contact details.

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Cancer and complementary medicine have always been a ticklish subject. Whereas, colds and complementary medicine, not as much. Even though I write this article with enormous care, it has the potential to draw scrutiny, and rightfully so. Cancer Research UK admits that although some complementary therapies can help people to feel better, some types might not be safe in certain situations. For example, some might obstruct conventional treatments from working as efficiently as they should.

With 4th Feb being World Cancer Day and notwithstanding the growing panic surrounding the Coronavirus, I think it is important for us not to dismiss the supportive benefits that vitamin C may bring in regards to those with cancer and/or colds.

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Happy reading to you! Wishing you health and wellness.


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