My ‘Nutrition for Energy’ Presentation

Presenting to Practitioners


I am so thankful that the snow came down this week and not last week as I journeyed to Manchester Pendulum Conference Centre to deliver my Nutrition for Energy seminar!

It was such a wonderful time and opportunity working with VITAEΒ and the Association ofΒ NaturopathicΒ Practitioners [ANP] to speak to professionals about nutritional protocols to help raise their clients energy levels.

Read a review from an ANP staff memberΒ here.

I loved that I was able to incorporate my biochemistry background, explaining how our cells generate energy via cellular respiration and ATP, into a nutrition seminar, looking at how diet and supplementation support that process. (It definitely made me appreciate the Molecular Medicine background more~!)

I have done many health presentations and workshops, and will continue to do so God willing. However, Thursday 22nd February 2018 marked my first seminar to practitioners and student-practitioners. Much appreciation and thanks to VITAE and the ANP.

Keep safe, warm and healthy in this winter/spring weather.